Easy Paper Plate Hatching Chick Craft (Free Template)

Get ready for Spring with this adorable hatching chick paper plate craft! If you’re learning about farm animals, the chicken life cycle, or just feeling springy, this is a really great craft for kids that’s nice and simple.

This little chick can also be an easy Easter craft that kids of all ages enjoy! Let’s get started!


  • Paper plates
  • Popsicle stick
  • Construction paper 
  • White paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Gluestick
  • Scissors
  • Markers

Step 1)

Cut one paper plate in half then trim each flat side of the plate to look wavy, like a cracked egg or use a zigzag pattern.

cut a paper plate

Step 2)

If they’re not white already, paint the paper plate pieces white and once they’re dry, glue on small squares of orange and yellow paper. You can also mix white glue with tempera paint or acrylic paint so the paint is sticky, then you don’t have to wait for it to dry before you place the colored paper squares on.

paint two paper plate pieces

Step 3)

Cut an oval shape from yellow paper and cut out a small orange beak. You can also use our free printable template pieces and trace them to get an exact shape.

cut out chick template pieces

Step 4)

Glue the orange beak and two googly eyes onto your yellow oval to make a chick. You can also use orange colored pencils or markers to add feathers to your bird for a personalized touch. Glue or tape a popsicle stick to the back of your chick.

assemble chick puppet

Step 5)

Attach the two cracked egg paper plate pieces to a second paper plate. You can use glue or staples to attach the plates together, leaving a space at the bottom to insert your chick popsicle stick puppet into.

attach paper plates with glue

Step 5)

Insert your chick popsicle stick puppet into the paper plates and move it around to play!

hatching chick paper plate craft

Video Instructions

Prefer video instructions for your crafts? Check out the YouTube channel for Crafty Kids Play and watch the full video tutorial for this hatching chick craft here.

Chick Craft Template Download

Use the download button after the next image to get your free PDF file of the free template for this hatching chick paper plate egg craft. Templates are for your own personal use only, not for commercial use or resale.

You can print it on regular paper, or cardstock if you’d like to use it multiple times and make it last longer.

chick craft download below

Tips & Troubleshooting

Adhesive Issues:

If you’re having trouble gluing your paper plates together, try to use a bit more and press the edges together until they dry. You can also use double sided tape if a glue stick or white glue isn’t doing the trick. 

Staples will also hold your paper plates together; when crafting with younger kids, allow an adult to use the stapler.

No matter what method you choose, don’t forget to leave a small opening at the bottom so you can fit your popsicle stick chick puppet in later. 

Preparation is Key:

Before starting this cute hatching chick craft, ensure you have all the necessary materials laid out neatly. This avoids interruptions during the creative process.

Creative Freedom:

Encourage children to personalize their chicks and eggs by adding additional embellishments such as feathers or patterns with colored pencils or markers. This allows for creative expression and makes each craft unique.

Variation Ideas

Cracked Egg Decorating:

Older kids might like adding some extra definition to the cracked egg shapes by tracing them with black marker. 

What else would your kids like to decorate the eggs with? If they prefer crayons, markers, paint, or stickers, there are a lot of great options to make this craft their own. If you’re making this craft for Easter, you can decorate it like an Easter egg for added fun.

Chick Puppet Decorating:

Your kids might like adding feathers, glitter or other fun things to the chick’s body. Keep it simple and plain or decorate to your heart’s content. 

You could also make a whole family of chick puppets in different sizes, or make your chick match your favorite story about chicks and hens!

Benefits of This Chick Craft For Kids


This fun Spring craft encourages children to express themselves creatively by choosing colors, textures, and embellishments for their chicks. They can experiment with different materials and techniques, sparking imaginative thinking and problem-solving skills while having a lot of fun.

Fine Motor Skills:

Cutting, painting, and gluing components of this fun craft help refine children’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Manipulating small pieces and controlling tools like scissors and paintbrushes strengthen their dexterity.

Cognitive Development:

Following step-by-step instructions to complete this baby chick craft enhances childrens’ ability to sequence events and follow directions. They learn to plan and organize their actions, developing critical thinking and concentration skills.

Imaginative Play:

Once the chicks are created, children can engage in imaginative play, inventing stories and scenarios for their chick puppets. This type of play promotes language development, social skills, and emotional expression as children role-play and interact with their paper plate chick craft.

Final Thoughts

This adorable craft is a creative way to sneak in some fine motor skill practice for your young kids while also having a ton of fun with your little hatching chick. It’s a great chicken life cycle craft or fun Easter craft for Spring days! For another fun Easter activity for preschoolers, try this Easter sensory bin next!

Stick around Crafty Kids Play for more great craft activities, sensory play ideas and free printables for kids!

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