Easy spring craft: Ladybug crafts for kids

This is a enjoyable and uncomplicated ladybug crafts for children throughout spring time or just anytime your youngster is learning about bugs or insects.

Your baby is assured to have loads of entertaining with the ladybug craft underneath.

Very simple ladybug crafts for young children

1. Ladybug on leaf craft for kids


  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Marker pen/Crayons
  • Glue


Stage 1:

Acquire a piece of green colored paper and draw an define of a leaf

ladybug craft for kids

Phase 2:

Slash the paper to make a shape of a leaf and incorporate some branches to it

ladybug craft for kids

Phase 3 :

Develop the designs down below to make the ladybug

ladybug craft for kids

Phase 4 :

Adhere them on the leaf and insert some googly eyes to it

2. Folded Ladybug


  • Red colored paper
  • Black colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Step 1: Get ready the Paper

  • Decide on your building paper: red and black for the ladybug

Stage 2: Make the Ladybug’s Human body

  • On the crimson development paper, attract a round shape for the ladybug’s physique.
  • Minimize out the crimson circle.

Step 3: Add Places and Head

  • Slice out compact circles from the black paper for the ladybug’s spots.
  • Also reduce a smaller sized circle for the head.
  • For legs, cut out six slender strips from the black paper

3. Happy girl bug


  • Pink and black building paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors (to be utilised by adults or beneath grownup supervision)
  • A pencil


Step 1: Slice Out the Ladybug’s Human body

  • On the pink construction paper, attract a massive circle for the ladybug’s system.
  • Diligently minimize out the circle.

Move 2: Build the Places and Head

  • On the black paper, attract a number of small circles for the places and a somewhat bigger circle for the head.
  • Reduce out the circles.

Stage 3: Make the Legs

  • Cut out 6 slender strips from the black paper for the ladybug’s legs.

Phase 4: Assemble Your Ladybug

  • Glue the black spots onto the red circle to make the ladybug’s physique.
  • Glue the black circle onto one particular edge of the red circle for the head.
  • Connect the legs to the sides of the overall body, 3 on each and every aspect.

4. Ladybug rock portray

ladybug rock painting


  • Sleek rocks or pebbles, preferably flat
  • Purple and black paint
  • Tiny paintbrushes
  • White paint or a white marker (for the eyes)
  • A container for drinking water
  • Paper towels


Move 1: Clear the Rock

  • Get started by washing your rock with cleaning soap and drinking water to eliminate any grime or debris.
  • Dry it completely with a paper towel.

Phase 2: Paint the Rock Red

  • Deal with the total rock with crimson paint applying your paintbrush.
  • Permit the paint to dry wholly. You might want to apply a next coat for a lively coloration.

Step 3: Increase Black Places

  • At the time the purple paint is dry, dip a smaller brush in black paint to incorporate places on the back again of your ladybug.
  • House the places out randomly for a additional pure seem.

Phase 4: Paint the Head

  • Use black paint to incorporate a smaller semi-circle at one stop of the rock for the ladybug’s head.
  • Enable the paint dry in advance of continuing to the following stage.

Phase 5: Incorporate the Eyes

  • With a tiny brush or a white marker, add two compact white dots on the head for the eyes.
  • After the white paint is dry, you can include more compact black dots in the centre of the white to total the eyes, or simply just leave them white.

We hope you savored this straightforward and entertaining ladybug craft activity for little ones. Allow us know what your young children imagined about it in the remark down below.

Protection suggestions for youngsters

1. Select the Proper Scissors

  • Use scissors that are ideal for your age and skill degree. Children must use boy or girl-safe and sound scissors with rounded guidelines and a comfy grip.

2. Cut in a Harmless Course

  • Generally reduce absent from your overall body and fingers. Be certain your other hand is holding the product getting lower and is normally a harmless length from the scissors’ route.

3. Use Scissors on a Stable Floor

  • Sit down at a table or desk even though using scissors. Cutting while standing or shifting all-around can lead to incidents.

4. Emphasis on What You are Executing

  • Shell out focus when employing scissors. Don’t appear absent from your slicing process, and in no way use scissors while strolling or jogging.

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