Is NoPlace app safe? Guide for parents

NoSpace, recently renamed NoPlace, is a new social media platform inspired by the nostalgic MySpace era. It has top Apple Store app this week.

It aims to provide a simpler, more authentic social media experience, focusing on genuine connections and self-expression rather than algorithms and advertisements.

The app has generated significant buzz, particularly among Gen Z and Millennials, with over 500,000 people on its waitlist.

The app is currently available for iPhone users. Esentially it is like a combination of Twitter & Myspace.

Key Features of NoPlace

  • Customizable Profiles: Users can personalize their profiles with background colors, mood updates, relationship status, and personal interests.
  • Top Friends: Similar to MySpace’s “Top 8” feature, users can highlight their closest friends.
  • Music Sharing: Users can share what music they are listening to.
  • Friends-Only Feed: A curated feed for close friends.
  • Global Feed: A real-time, chronological feed for all users.
NoPlace app

Is NoPlace safe for below 12 years old?

While NoSpace is designed to foster genuine connections and creativity, there are several considerations for parents regarding its safety for younger users:


  • Focus on Authenticity: The app encourages genuine interactions and self-expression, which can be positive for social development.
  • No Algorithms: The absence of algorithm-driven content can reduce exposure to potentially harmful or inappropriate material.
NoPlace app


  • Potential for Inappropriate Content: Like any social media platform, there is a risk of exposure to inappropriate content and cyberbullying.
  • Privacy Concerns: Users are required to provide personal information such as phone numbers and emails to join the waitlist, which raises privacy concerns.
  • Find new friends : Adding new friends can expose users to strangers who may not have good intentions, increasing the risk of encountering inappropriate behavior or online predators.
  • Lack of Parental Controls: There is no mention of robust parental control features, making it harder for parents to monitor their child’s activity on the app
  • Exclusion : NoPlace includes a feature that allows users to showcase their top 8 friends on their profile. While this feature aims to highlight close friendships, it can potentially lead to feelings of exclusion or upset among friends who are not selected for the top 8.

With any social media app we recommend your child to wait till at least they are 16 years to use the app. There is always the risk of coming across inappropriate content.

Also, since this is a new app, we will constantly monitor the app for updates and changes.

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