Kids Party Venues in Tampa

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Get ready to explore the sun-kissed and fun-filled world of kids’ party venues in Tampa! Whether your little one dreams of splashing around in a water park, embarking on a thrilling adventure in an interactive play space, or enjoying a more traditional celebration in a beautifully decorated hall, Tampa has it all. Our guide is packed with the best spots to host an unforgettable birthday bash under the Florida sun. From exciting theme parks to creative art studios, we’ve handpicked venues that promise not just a party, but a lifetime of happy memories. So, let’s set sail on this festive journey and find the perfect place to celebrate your child’s special day in Tampa!

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Playgrounds of Tampa

Playgrounds of Tampa offers an exhilarating indoor experience for kids’ birthday parties. With its wide array of bounce houses and arcade games, it provides a fun and safe environment for children to play and explore. The venue’s exciting atmosphere and variety of activities ensure a memorable party experience, making it a popular choice for celebrations in Tampa.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 813-835-7529

Address: 4535 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33611, United States


AdventHealth Center Ice

AdventHealth Center Ice in Tampa is a standout venue for kids’ birthday parties, offering unique ice-skating experiences that are customizable to each child’s preferences. With attentive event coordination ensuring a hassle-free celebration and options for custom catering, it provides an exciting and cool environment for kids to enjoy. Its private party rooms and fun skating activities make every birthday party both special and memorable.

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Phone: +1 813-803-7372

Address: 3173 Cypress Ridge Blvd., Wesley Chapel, FL 33544, United States


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Allisongs for Tots

Allisongs for Tots is a fantastic choice for kids’ birthday parties in Tampa, especially for those who love music and dancing. Their engaging and interactive musical sessions, designed for young children, offer a delightful and educational experience. With locations throughout Tampa Bay, Allisongs for Tots provides an ideal setting for a fun, energetic, and memorable birthday celebration, where the little ones can sing, dance, and enjoy the magic of music with their friends.

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Phone: +1 941-350-5438

Address: 740 S Village Cir, Tampa, FL 33606, United States


The Airosphere

The Airosphere in Tampa offers an exhilarating experience for kids’ birthday parties with its expansive trampoline arena. It’s an ideal venue for active fun, allowing kids and those young at heart to jump, bounce, and play. The added attraction of an arcade with games and prize opportunities enhances the excitement, making it a perfect spot for a high-energy, unforgettable birthday celebration where children can enjoy physical activity and playful competition in a safe, fun-filled environment.

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Phone: +18133414897

Address: 622 Ware Blvd, Tampa, FL 33619, United States


Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens in Tampa is an ideal venue for kids’ birthday parties, offering a thrilling mix of rides, shows, and animal exhibits. Younger kids can enjoy Sesame Street Safari of Fun, while older ones can experience exciting park rides. Its diverse attractions cater to all ages, making it a memorable place for a birthday celebration that combines adventure, wildlife, and fun in one location, ensuring an enjoyable and action-packed day for everyone.

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Phone: +1 813-884-4386

Address: 10165 McKinley Dr, Tampa, FL 33612, United States


Bricks 4 Kidz

Bricks 4 Kidz offers an engaging and creative experience for kids’ birthday parties in Tampa, especially for LEGO enthusiasts. Their party packages include a host, LEGO-themed activities, and custom invitations, providing a unique and interactive environment. Children can enjoy building and creating with LEGO bricks, fostering imagination and teamwork. This venue is perfect for a memorable and fun-filled birthday party that encourages creativity and play in a structured yet enjoyable setting.

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Phone: +1 813-545-4282

Address: 3713 W Dale Ave, Tampa, FL 33609, United States


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Captain Memo’s Original Pirate Cruise

Captain Memo’s Original Pirate Cruise offers a unique and adventurous option for kids’ birthday parties in Tampa. This exciting cruise on a real pirate ship includes treasure hunts, face painting, musical games, pirate stories, and a piñata. It’s an immersive experience that children will love, making them feel like they’re part of a thrilling pirate adventure. This venue provides a memorable and interactive setting for a birthday party, ensuring a day filled with fun and imaginative play on the high seas.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 727-446-2587

Address: 25 Causeway Blvd, Clearwater Beach, FL 33767, United States


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