Oil Pastel Hearts — KinderArt

by Andrea Mulder-Slater

This lesson shows students how to make transparent (see through) hearts that appear to jump off the paper, by using oil pastels on paper. It was inspired by a similar lesson (which uses paint sticks), created by my friend Lauralee Chambers (who can be found on Instagram at @2artchambers).

What You Need:

  • Thick white drawing paper (Sulphite). Ours were 8″ x 8″, but you could use any size.
  • Pencils
  • Oil pastels (we used Sakura Cray Pas)
  • Cotton swabs
  • Optional: white acrylic paint and brushes

What You Do:

Each student receive a sheet of paper, a pencil and oil pastels.

Do not hand out white or black pastels (yet).

On a sheet of white heavy weight drawing paper, students lightly draw a big heart using pencil.

They then draw a smaller heart, inside the large heart.

Let students know that these hearts don’t have to be perfect because they will be mostly covered up with oil pastels. The outlines are just need for reference later on.

Students color in the entire paper using oil pastels. We chose either a warm (red, yellow, pink, orange) or cool (blue, green, purple), color scheme.

Then, they look for the faint pencil lines that show where the heart outlines are.

Using a white oil pastel, students color in the heart shape (leaving a space between the large and small heart (if they choose).

The colors should show through the white oil pastel, ever so slightly.

Then, students use a black oil pastel to outline their heart shapes.

A cotton swab can be used to soften the edges of the outlines.

As a final touch, we had students come up to a white paint station where they were able to add small brushstrokes of white paint on top of their white oil pastels.

Some students splattered paint on their hearts (although I do not recommend this unless you have a splatter box setup, or can paint outside).