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by Andrea Mulder-Slater

Do you enjoy markers like I love markers?

Frequently speaking, markers are relatively quick to get a maintain of, which is fantastic, because most drawing and portray lessons can be tailored to make room for markers.

If you have a lesson to share with your learners, and that lesson phone calls for tempera paint (but you just really don’t have the assets to pull it off), you can generally make a change and use markers in its place.

Equally, if you have a watercolor lesson to work via, but you are quick on time, you can advise learners paint plain water more than a photo drawn with washable markers. Voila, immediate watercolor paint.

The detail is, irrespective of whether they are long lasting or washable, markers are first and foremost, magical.

What are your feelings on markers in the art place?

Try these pleasurable marker things to do in your artwork room…

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