Fun 55+ Earth Day writing prompts for kids

Earth Day writing prompts offer a fantastic way for learners of all ages to engage with environmental issues through creative and reflective writing. These prompts encourage children to think about their relationship with our planet and the actions they can take to preserve it.

Earth day writing activities for kids

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Earth Day Writing Prompts for Kindergarten

  1. Draw and Describe: Draw your favorite outdoor place and tell a story about a day spent there.
  2. Nature’s Gifts: What are three things we get from nature that you love? Draw them and explain why you love them.
  3. Thank You, Earth: Write a thank you note to Earth for something beautiful you saw today.
  4. Helping Hands: Imagine you’re a superhero who can fix one big Earth problem. Which problem would you fix and how?
  5. Colorful World: Pick your favorite color and write about all the things in nature that are that color.
  6. Animal Homes: Choose an animal and draw where it lives. Explain why it’s the perfect home for them.
  7. Plant a Tree: If you could plant any type of tree in your backyard, what type would it be and why?
  8. Recycling Adventure: Tell a story about an old plastic bottle’s journey after you recycle it.
  9. Clean Up Day: Imagine your school is having a clean-up day. What will you do to help?
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  1. Beautiful Earth: Draw a picture of Earth from space. What makes our planet look beautiful from far away?
  2. Friendly Sun: Draw the sun and describe what it does for us every day. Why should we say thank you to the sun?
  3. Earth’s Colors: Look outside and write down all the different colors you see. Which one do you see the most? Draw something that is that color.
  4. My Favorite Season: Draw a picture of your favorite season and write about what you can do during this season to help the Earth.
  5. The Wind Tells Tales: Listen to the wind for a few minutes. Draw what you think it looks like and write about where it might be going.
  6. Earth’s Helpers: Draw a picture of animals that help the Earth (like bees pollinating or worms composting). Explain how they help.
  7. Water Wonders: Draw a picture of ways we use water in our homes. Write about one way we can use less water.
  8. Litter Patrol: Imagine you are on a mission to pick up litter. Draw the items you might find and decide where they should really go (trash or recycling bin).
  9. Happy Habitats: Choose an animal and draw its habitat. Write about what makes it a happy home and how we can keep it safe.
  10. Our Green Friends: Draw and write about a plant you like. What does it need to grow and how does it help the Earth?
  11. Song for the Earth: Make up a short song about loving the Earth and write down the lyrics. What would you tell others to do to show love for our planet?
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Earth Day Writing Prompts for 1st Grade

  1. Earth Helpers: Write about a time you helped take care of the Earth. What did you do?
  2. The Life of a Raindrop: Write a story from the perspective of a raindrop traveling through the water cycle.
  3. Wondrous Wildlife: Choose an endangered animal to write about. Why is it important to save them?
  4. Eco-Friendly Inventions: Think of something you could invent to help the Earth. Describe what it would do.
  5. A Day Without Waste: Imagine a day where no one in your town throws anything away. What would that day be like?
  6. Lovely Landscapes: Describe your ideal park. What natural features would it have?
  7. The Three R’s: What are the three R’s of the environment (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)? Write about how you can do each one at home.
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  1. Solar Power Future: Imagine your house is powered by solar energy. How would things be different?
  2. Pollution Solution: Think of a new way to keep pollution out of our oceans. Describe your idea.
  3. Wild Weather: Write about a time you experienced a storm and what the Earth was like after it.
  4. Earth’s Birthday Party: Imagine Earth is having a birthday party. What gifts would you bring to help keep the Earth happy and healthy? Draw the gifts and explain why you chose them.
  5. My Eco-Friendly Day: Describe a day where you do everything possible to help the Earth. What activities do you do? What makes them good for the planet?
  6. Save the Bees: Write a story about how you and your friends start a garden for bees at your school. What do you plant, and why are bees important?
  7. The Magic Recycle Bin: Imagine you have a magic recycle bin that can recycle anything. Draw three items you would recycle and tell what new things they could become.
  8. Energy Saving Heroes: Think about ways to save electricity at home. Write about a day you spent being an energy-saving hero. What did you do differently?

Earth Day Writing Prompts for Preschoolers

  1. My Favorite Animal: Draw your favorite animal and describe a day in their life.
  2. Happy Earth: Draw a picture of the Earth smiling. Why is Earth happy?
  3. Tree Friends: What kind of tree would you like to be friends with? Draw and write about your tree friend.
  4. Beautiful Bugs: Draw your favorite insect and describe what it does all day.
  5. Garden Dreams: If you could grow anything in your garden, what would it be? Draw and tell why.
  6. Clean and Green: Draw a picture of people cleaning up a park. What are they picking up?
  7. Under the Sea: Draw and describe an underwater adventure with sea creatures.
  8. Recycling Hero: Draw yourself as a superhero recycling old items. What are you recycling?
  9. Rainy Days: Draw a rainy day and describe what happens to all the water.
  10. Save the Earth: What are some ways we can take care of Earth? Draw and explain two ways.
  11. Earth’s Smile: Draw a picture of the Earth with a big smile. What are some things that make the Earth happy? Tell a story about one thing you can do to keep Earth smiling.
  1. The Talking Tree: Imagine if trees could talk. Draw a picture of a tree and write about what it might say to you about taking care of the Earth.
  2. Butterfly Friend: Draw a butterfly and imagine its journey through different gardens. What colors does it see? Write a few sentences about how you can help make gardens a better place for butterflies.
  3. Ocean Cleanup: Pretend you’re a fish in the ocean. Draw a picture of clean water and one with trash. Write about why clean water is important for you and your fish friends.
  4. Our Friendly Earth: Draw a picture of yourself holding hands with the Earth. Write about different ways you can be a good friend to the Earth.
  5. Picnic Fun: Imagine having a picnic in a beautiful park. Draw what you see around you. Write about how you would clean up after the picnic to keep the park beautiful.
  6. The Happy Raindrop: Draw a raindrop and write a short story about its journey from the cloud to your garden. What does the raindrop see? How does it help the plants and animals?

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Environmental Writing Prompts

  1. Climate Change Journal: Write a diary entry from the future describing how climate change has affected your hometown.
  2. Zero Waste Life: Describe a day in a life with zero waste. What challenges might someone face and how would they overcome them?
  3. Ocean Advocates: Write a persuasive letter to local leaders about why protecting our oceans is crucial.
  4. Eco-Friendly City: Design your ideal eco-friendly city. What features would it have to reduce environmental impact?
  5. The Lungs of the Earth: Explain why the Amazon Rainforest is often called the “lungs of the Earth” and why it’s important to protect it.
  6. Green Tech Innovations: Research and write about a new technology that helps the environment. How does it work?
  7. Water Conservation Tales: Tell a story of a community that successfully conserved water during a drought.
  8. Endangered Species Spotlight: Choose an endangered species and write an informative piece on why it is endangered and how we can help.
  9. Renewable Resources: Explain the difference between renewable and non-renewable resources with examples of each.
  10. Earth’s Allies: Interview someone who works in an environmental job and write about their day-to-day tasks and why their work matters.

Fun Earth Day Writing Activities

  1. Poem for the Planet: Write a poem expressing your feelings about the Earth and the importance of taking care of it.
  2. Story of Stuff: Create a fictional story about a piece of litter that didn’t end up in the trash and its journey.
  1. Eco-Hero Comic: Create a comic strip featuring an eco-hero who saves the planet from an environmental disaster.
  2. My Eco-Friendly School: Imagine your school is the most eco-friendly in the world. What features does it have?
  3. Letter to Mother Nature: Write a letter to Mother Nature asking questions or expressing your thoughts about the environment.
  4. Recycle Bin Biography: Write a biography of an item in your recycle bin. Where did it come from? Where will it go next?
  5. Nature Walk Narrative: Take a walk in nature and write about your experiences, what you see, hear, and feel.
  6. Eco-Friendly Products: Invent a new eco-friendly product and write an advertisement for it.
  7. The Green Machine: Design a machine that helps clean the Earth and write about how it works.
  8. Planet Protectors Club: Create a plan for a new club at school focused on protecting the planet. What are the club’s missions and activities?

Climate change writing prompts

  1. Future Forecast: Imagine you are a weather person reporting on the weather in the year 2050. What changes do you see? Write about the new kinds of weather patterns that might appear due to climate change.
  2. Polar Bear’s Diary: Write a diary entry from the perspective of a polar bear living in the Arctic. How is your day affected by the melting ice?
  1. Invent a Machine: If you could invent a machine that helps stop climate change, what would it do? Draw your machine and describe how it works.
  2. Superhero Save: Imagine you’re a superhero fighting against climate change. What powers do you have to help the Earth, and what is your first mission?
  3. Tree Talk: If trees could talk, what might they say about climate change? Write a conversation between two trees discussing their feelings.
  4. Water World: Write a story about living in a city that is now underwater due to rising sea levels. What is daily life like, and how do people get around?
  5. Eco-Friendly City: Design your ideal eco-friendly city that can withstand the effects of climate change. What special features does it have to keep everyone safe and healthy?
  6. My Green Family: Describe three ways your family can help reduce climate change by changing things at home. What new habits will you start?
  7. Animals Adapt: Choose an animal and write about how it might adapt to survive in a warmer climate. What changes in behavior or appearance might occur?
  8. A Plant’s Plea: Imagine you are a plant affected by climate change. Write a letter to humans explaining why you need help and what they can do to assist.

Using Earth Day writing prompts in the classroom or at home is an excellent way to engage children with the critical topics of environmental conservation and sustainability.

These prompts not only foster creativity and improve writing skills but also encourage young learners to think critically about their role in protecting the Earth.

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