Mermaid Paper Plate Puppet Craft (Free Template)

Dive into a world of creativity and underwater adventure with our paper plate mermaid puppet craft! This is a great craft for mermaid fans of all ages! We’ve included a free printable template to make this mermaid puppet craft easier and so much fun.

Whether you’re looking for crafty ideas to use on a rainy afternoon or for a mermaid-themed party, this mermaid craft is your ticket to oceanic exploration without getting your feet wet. Let’s dive in!

  • Table Of Contents:
    • Materials
    • Instructions
    • Mermaid Craft Template Download
    • Variation Ideas
    • Benefits of This Mermaid Craft For Kids
    • Final Thoughts


  • Construction paper
  • Paper plates
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Paint (Blue and green)
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Step 1)

Print off the free template and paint the paper plate with a blend of blue and green to make teal or white and blue and let it dry. 

mermaid craft pieces

Step 2)

Cut out the template then trace the pieces onto colored construction paper.

mermaid template pieces

Step 3)

Cut out the construction paper template pieces and assemble them with glue or double sided tape.

template pieces

Step 4)

Cut a piece of light blue or green paper to make a long strip of seaweed and glue it to the paper plate.

blue paper on blue paper plate

Step 5)

Cut half a piece of yellow paper into the shape of a semi-circle then attach it to the bottom of the paper plate with glue.

yellow paper on blue paper plate

Step 6)

You can either fold the paper plate in half and cut a slit in the bottom ⅓ of the plate or let an adult use an exacto knife. The slit should go through the plate as well as the yellow paper. This is where the popsicle stick puppet will go. 

Step 7)

Attach the remaining details to the paper plate one by one. The octopus and fish can go in the blue area, the starfish, boulders and seaweed can be glued onto the yellow paper.

add details to paper plate

Step 8)

Finish assembling the mermaid by gluing or taping her arms to the mermaid’s body, and put the mermaid’s hair onto the head then attach the mermaid to a popsicle stick.

assemble mermaid template

Step 9)

Insert the popsicle stick mermaid puppet into the slit in your paper plate ocean and move it around to make her swim!

mermaid craft

Video Instructions

Prefer to watch video instructions for your crafts? Check out the YouTube Channel for Crafty Kids Play and watch the full video tutorial for this mermaid craft here.

Mermaid Craft Template Download

Use the download button after the next image to get your free PDF template for this mermaid craft. You can either print the template on white paper and then trace it onto different colors of construction paper, or cut out the template pieces and color them with wax crayons, markers or colored pencils to use them with your craft!

This free mermaid template is for your own personal use only, not for commercial use or for resale purposes.

mermaid template download below


Variation Ideas

Make This Craft Easier:

To make this mermaid craft more simple, you can reduce it to just a painted paper plate and a mermaid popsicle stick puppet. Use blue paint as the water and yellow or brown paint as the sand. 

Pre-Cut Templates:

If you’re working with young children, you may want to cut out the template pieces ahead of time. Kids may need adult supervision for this paper craft.

Texture Exploration:

This is the perfect craft to encourage the use of different materials to add texture. Tissue paper can be used for seaweed, sandpaper for gritty ocean floors, or fabric scraps for parts of the mermaid’s tail. You can even add stickers or glittery scales to your craft to personalize it. These textures can enhance the sensory experience of the craft depending on your crafter’s skill levels.

Benefits of This Mermaid Craft For Kids

Development of Fine Motor Skills:

As children handle small construction paper pieces, scissors, and glue, they refine their dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Manipulating the popsicle stick and cutting along template lines are especially good for developing fine motor precision, which is essential for tasks like writing and tying shoes.

Boosts Creativity and Imagination:

Crafting a mermaid and her undersea world allows children to explore their imaginative capabilities and have lots of fun. Deciding what color to make the mermaid, where to place the seaweed, or what color the starfish should be encourages creative thinking and decision-making, which are critical elements of cognitive development.

Another fun way to use this craft once it’s finished is to create scenes and stories for kids to act out with their mermaid puppets.

Enhances Problem-Solving Skills:

Figuring out how to assemble the craft pieces according to the instructions—or even deviating from them to create something unique—teaches problem-solving. Kids learn to evaluate, adapt, and execute plans, which boosts their ability to navigate challenges.

Promotes Understanding of Instructions:

Following step-by-step instructions to complete this fun craft helps children enhance their ability to process and follow directions. This skill is vital in academic settings and everyday life.

Final Thoughts

This paper plate mermaid craft is a great way for kids obsessed with the world of mermaids to get creative. Perfect for young explorers with a passion for all things aquatic, this craft combines colorful art materials and a splash of imagination to bring the enchanting undersea kingdom right into your home. 

​If you’re looking for more ocean crafts, try this shark craft, or this easy crab craft next! Preschool aged students might also like this Ocean Sensory Bin too.

Stick around Crafty Kids Play for more free printables and craft activities for kids of all ages. Happy crafting!

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