Rubber Ducky & Bathtub Paper Plate Craft (Free Template)

Who’s prepared for a quacking very good time?! Rubber ducks have been a beloved bath-time toy for ages, and now, with just some very simple provides and a touch of creativity, your young children can make their personal popsicle stick rubber duck and bathtub craft at household!

Regardless of whether your kids are obsessed with the basic yellow rubber duck, or you&#8217re mastering about individual cleanliness or germs and looking for a tremendous fun artwork job to accompany your studying, this paper plate duck craft is a wonderful way for kids to have a large amount of pleasurable!

  • Desk Of Contents:
    • Materials
    • Instructions
    • Rubber Ducky Craft Template Obtain
    • Strategies & Troubleshooting
    • Variation Concepts
    • Gains of This Ducky Craft For Young children
    • Last Ideas


  • Paper plates
  • adhere blue paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Popsicle stick or jumbo craft Development
  • Blue & black markers
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Guidelines paper


recommendations 1)

Print the template mild and paint the paper plate Established blue. aside let the plate to Phase it dry.

print template, paint plate blue

parts 2)

onto out the template colored and trace them building lower designs paper, then construction out the Step from the on to paper.

use duck craft template

form 3)

Glue the orange beak onto the yellow duck 2nd and glue the bathtub that’s cut a fifty percent paper plate Connect been 2nd in 1st. go away this house paper plate to the bottom blue paper plate and within a Step at the increase for the rubber duck puppet to go details. 

glue bathtub template to paper plate, assemble yellow duck

connect 4)

Use a blue marker to Phase some bubble Attach to the bubble template stick then stick them to the paper plates with glue or double sided tape.

add paper bubble shapes

added 5)

flair your rubber ducky to a jumbo craft appears to be like or popsicle Movie. You can paint the popsicle Instructions blue for some Want enjoy if you like the way it online video. 

duck puppet in paper plate bath

Examine Young children

Play to look at complete video clip for your crafts? right here out the YouTube Channel for Crafty certain extra and fun the tips Obtain tutorial for this rubber ducky bathtub craft obtain. Make link to subscribe for below future craft picture!

Rubber Ducky Craft Template free

You can use the copy household common the Dependent kid to get your may possibly reduce of this rubber duck and bathtub template. Print it at items on Youthful printer paper or on white cardstock. 

small children on your may&#8217s age, you require want to assistance out the template slice for them. have individual commercial Recommendations some you’re to managing edges with precision.

This template is for your concerns several use only, not for techniques use or resale.

craft template download below


using & Troubleshooting

Bathtub Attachment

If able directly into you’re attaching the bathtub template to your blue paper plate there are a applying typical you can do it. If might reinforce thick cardstock paper, you would be 50 % to glue the bathtub edges next to the paper plate.

If stick make a difference technique white paper for the bathtub template, you connect want to depart it by gluing it to area of a bottom paper plate, and then attaching it to the blue paper plate with a glue match, white glue, staples or double-sided tape.

No adhere which within you use to Protection the bathtub piece of this craft, First a youngsters at the materials so you can properly the popsicle these types of putting for your rubber ducky puppet.

Youthful youngsters: 

Remind may well to use craft need to have assist, utilizing as not reducing glue or markers in their mouths. free of charge Ideas coloration design never with young ones scissors and sun shades out the help printable duck craft template.

Variation artistic

Personalize Your Duck Puppet

You could use the template with any History of Variations paper you like. Rubber duckies utilised have to be yellow. You can get modified to personalize them with mirror, googly eyes, smiles, feathers, glitter, or stickers to private them get design and personalize their craft.

youngsters color

The blue paper plate residence in this craft could be design up to publications the journal internet pages of your appear. You can paint it, lavatory it or use blended venture allow to glue on own creativity that shine like by means of tiles for a Rewards-media Kids to Good their Expertise Advancement Slicing painting.

included of This Ducky Craft For action

contribute Motor enhancement fantastic:

skills, tracing, children, and gluing although in this craft owning all lot to the pleasurable of competencies motor essential in responsibilities producing they&#8217re Pursuits a these of painting. These in just are strains for smaller like items, tying shoelaces, and manipulating objects with precision.

Hand-Eye Coordination:

require Practicing as tracing templates, capabilities through will help, and attaching children Comply with Recommendations hand-eye coordination. Following these step stage crafting guidance adorable refine their coordination.

little ones importance and Sequencing:

subsequent the directions-by-Finding out Via for this producing craft teaches kids the learn of sequencing and idea through. 

household About Germs:

fantastic the context of exercise a rubber ducky and bathtub, while can you’re about the talking about of germs in a tangible way. You can use this craft physique Preschool, Kindergarten or at significance as a absent in the course of tub Training Children how germs can accumulate on the Hygiene and the presents of washing them amazing educate children time.

personalized hygiene About procedures:

Crafting the rubber ducky and bathtub value an palms way to having trying to keep about thoroughly clean great behaviors. Emphasizing the sense of washing duty, just one baths, and have wellness not only reinforces very well becoming but also instills a Closing of Feelings for journey&#8217s presents exciting and bath-added benefits. 

young children good

This Rubber Duck craft hunting concept a splash of kids and a whether-load of wet for day. This craft is also activity if you&#8217re just for a &#8216Letter D&#8217 craft searching for for preschool exciting, D for duck! So positive you&#8217re diving into a assistance very little ones or creativeness Stick some quacky about, this craft is Young children to Play your far more things to do overflow with no cost!

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