Sunset Silhouette Watercolor Painting Idea for Kids

This sunset silhouette watercolor portray will have children checking out mixing with watercolors and using a wet-on-soaked approach. Young children can decide on their personal coloration combos and silhouette concepts, earning every artwork task distinctive. This is a excellent summertime art exercise that kids will have exciting generating!

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Develop your possess artwork/craft

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Watercolor supplies: paint, brushes, palette, paper.


Instructions for your summer time artwork project

1. To start with, you want to prepare your paper. If you have a picket board, you can use painter’s tape to tape your paper down. This will assistance with the paper buckling and moving all around as young ones paint.

If you really do not have a wood board you can tape your paper down to a desk or just skip this move.

watercolor paper taped to a board and watercolor paint in a paint palette.

2. Prepare your watercolor paints in a paint palette. I employed liquid watercolors for this task and diluted the hues (apart from for yellow) with a bit of water.

It is a fantastic plan to have scrap paper handy to exam out your colors. As your paper dries, the colors will dry a bit lighter.

I used a few colours for every undertaking for the sunset qualifications. As the colours combine with each other they will generate new colors and shades.

Starting to paint yellow watercolor using a wet on wet technique.

3. Paint your paper with h2o using a clear brush. You want your paper to be moist but not soaking. Then begin to paint your 1st colour at the bottom of your paper.     

Using a wet on wet watercolor technique to paint in a sunset sky.

4. Paint on your second colour, a bit overlapping your initial colour to start to blend the shades collectively. As the shades blend and dry, they will generate unique shades and a awesome blend.

This method is called a moist on moist watercolor method. For extra particulars and to master about other effortless watercolor tactics youngsters can attempt consider a search at these 5 effortless watercolor approaches for kids!

Watercolor painted sunset backgrounds.

5. Finally paint your 3rd colour in direction of the top of your paper, overlapping with the previous colour.

While the paint is continue to damp, youngsters can go in excess of any spots they like and test mixing the shades together extra or incorporating in extra paint to darken up a color.

Permit your paper absolutely dry on a flat area in advance of moving on to the future stage.  

Starting to paint palm tree silhouettes against a watercolor sunset sky.

6. Have young children decide on what they want to paint for the silhouettes. They can use my examples as guides or come up with their possess tips.

Using a pencil frivolously attract in your style and design. It can be tough to erase pencil lines about a painted history, so remind young ones to push frivolously with their pencils.   

Painting palm trees with black watercolor paint against a sunset watercolor sky.

7. Put together your black liquid watercolor paint in a paint palette. You do not have to dilute the paint for this step.

Use a little detail brush and start off cautiously portray your silhouettes. Applying a more compact round brush will make this move simpler for little ones to paint in specifics and get crisp strains.

Hot air balloon and mountains silhouettes painted against a yellow, orange and red watercolor sunset.

8. If you are portray the skyline image, use white acrylic paint and a little brush to paint the moon and dot on some stars.

Blue and pink watercolor sunset with black silhouette skyline and white moon and stars.

9. After you are completed portray everything, permit your task dry wholly, and then diligently eliminate the painter’s tape close to the outside of your paper.

Watercolor sunset silhouette painting idea for kids.

This sunset silhouette watercolor painting is a enjoyment summer artwork exercise and a great way for young children to discover and take a look at mixing with watercolors!

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Sunset watercolor paintings with silhouettes of palm trees, skyline, and hot air balloon. Art project idea for kids.

Yield: 1 painting

Sunset watercolors with palm tree, skyline, and hot air balloon silhouettes.

Little ones will find out to blend with watercolors and use a soaked-on-moist strategy to make these gorgeous sunset watercolor paintings. A exciting artwork action for summer season!

Prep Time
5 minutes

Energetic Time
45 minutes

Overall Time
50 minutes



  • Watercolor paper
  • Painter’s tape
  • Watercolor paint (I used liquid watercolor paint)
  • White acrylic paint (if you are carrying out the skyline painting)
  • Paper towels


  • Wooden board (optional)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Paint palette and h2o dish


  1. 1st you want to prep your paper. Tape down your watercolor paper to a picket board or a desk. This will help the paper to dry flat and not go all over as children are painting. This is an optional stage. If you do not have a wood board or are ready to tape your paper down to a desk that is great.
  2. Prepare your watercolor paint in a palette. If you are applying liquid watercolors, you can dilute the colours with water. Make sure to check your hues on a scrap piece of paper to start with, hues will normally dry a bit lighter. I diluted all of my shades besides yellow.
    If you are employing a watercolor pan established, then you can basically use the shades straight from the set without the need of diluting if you like. I made use of 3 shades for each sunset.
  3. Start off by portray your paper with cleanse water. You want your paper to be moist but not soaking.
  4. Start out with one colour and paint it on your paper at the bottom. Keep on with your next color. Paint it on your paper, somewhat overlapping the first coloration.
    The soaked paper will start out to mix and mix the two shades jointly.
    Finish off your sunset history by painting on your 3rd color, yet again a little overlapping with the preceding color to commence to blend every little thing collectively.
    Though the paint is even now moist, kids can go in excess of any regions they like and consider blending the colours together far more or incorporating in more paint to darken up a colour.
    When they are completed with their sunset, let it dry fully on a flat surface.
  5. Use a pencil to evenly draw in you silhouette design.
  6. Get ready your black watercolor in a palette(if you are working with liquid watercolors). You do not need to dilute the black watercolor paint.
    Using a scaled-down spherical brush, meticulously paint your silhouettes with the black watercolor paint.
  7. If you are undertaking the skyline challenge, you will require white acrylic paint. Paint in the moon and dot on some stars with white acrylic paint.
  8. Enable anything dry entirely and then diligently get rid of the tape from all-around the edges of your paper.